Midi de l'Art : Thinking ahead

Mardi, 15 janvier, 2019 - 12:30

Galerie Erna Hecey

20c, bvd. Emmanuel Servais (1er étage), Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

Visite guidée en français par Erna Hecey, en présence des artistes Suzanne Lafont et Jeff Weber.

Artistes : Eleanor Antin, Marcel Broodthaers, Rafal Bujnowski, Lili Dujourie, Roza El Hassan, Peter Friedl, Jef Geys, Gauri Gill, Dan Graham, Ana Jotta, Edi Hila, Suzanne Lafont, Little Warsaw, Rainer Oldendorf, Martha Rosler, Roee Rosen, Nedko Solakov, Bert Theis, Caecilia Tripp, Jeff Weber, and Lawrence Weiner

Thinking Ahead is the first exhibition to take place in the new gallery space of Erna Hecey in Luxembourg.

“Thinking means venturing beyond,” German philosopher Ernst Bloch wrote in his extensive study on utopianism, The Principle of Hope(written 1938–47). Starting from this notion of thinking ahead, of taking up ideas that root in the present and transferring them to a distant future, the exhibition is characterized by constant change. While 21 artists are contributing works, those will not be shown all together but in sequences, changing the initial presentation every couple of weeks by taking away and adding works. At times very subtle, at other times more noticeable, each sequence will create a different experience for the viewer and establish new links of content and meaning between the works on view. Though the works and artists included in the show are determined beforehand, the evolvement of the exhibition remains open, leaving a part of the presentation to spontaneous decisions encouraged by the interplay of the artworks in the space.

Un verre de l'amitié sera généreusement offert à l'issue de la visite.

Catherine de Jamblinne accueillera les Amis des Musées pour ce Midi de l'Art.

Bert Theis-Salto 2 (Triptych ) - 1987 - Collage, mixed media - 27,5 x 23,5 (framed) -Unique