Midi de l'Art : Blood Spots on Apple Flesh by 
Danny Fox

Jeudi, 15 mars, 2018 - 12:30

Gallery Zidoun-Bossuyt (6, rue Saint Ulric, 2651 Luxembourg) - A tour guided by the artist

The depiction of Fox’s characters is influenced by a variety of sources ranging from vintage Scotch Whiskey advertisements to Post-Impressionist painting to British East India Company portraiture. Fox continues to explore the depths of figuration with his new paintings, distilling his characters and iconography through a rigorous painting process. Each composition becomes a history in itself through a painterly practice that buries earlier stages of the canvas’s surface and its consequent imagery beneath layers of acrylic. Through his painting technique and dialectic of charged symbols and icons, Fox develops his characters and their histories to illustrate his criticism and celebrations of the different moments for which they are remembered.

Florence Reckinger and Catherine de Jamblinne will welcome the Amis des Musées for thie Midi de l'Art.

Visua : (c) Danny Fox - Zidoun-Bossuyt

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