Midi de l'Art : Propaganda (Marc Pierrard) & Potpourri (Gilles Murell)

Mercredi, 21 février, 2018 - 12:30
Valerius Art Gallery, 2a rue Wiltheim, Luxembourg-Fëschmaart.
Visite guidée en français (ou luxembourgeois) en présence des artistes et de Gérard Valerius.
Valerius art gallery presents a new exhibition by two different luxembourgish artists. 
Marc Pierrard explores the topic propaganda, its various fields of use and the techniques or methods that compose its efficiency.  While browsing through some of the mediums that can be used to „bring“ the message to the audience(s), he has tried to identify different groups or associations that make use of that tool.
Gilles Murell, a young architecture student, shows a „potpourri“ of his paintings, drawings and sketches. He’s inspired by his everyday life and daily dilemmas which he combines with architecture tools and materials. He uses rather unusual surfaces to paint on like foamboards, Pizza Boxes, and chipboards.
Cahterine de Jamblinne accueillera les Amis des Musées pour ce Midi de l'Art.

Photo : Exhibition view Marc Pierrard, Propaganda © Lou Philipps

Oeuvres de Marc Pierrard (photos 7 et 8) - Oeuvre de Gilles Murell (photo 9)

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