First Arty Hours of the Young Friends of Museums ! Filip Markiewicz - Celebration Factory

Jeudi, 29 novembre, 2018 - 19:00

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

The Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain will receive the first Arty Hours reserved to the Young Friends of Museums (18-35 years old)
The visit will be guided by Kevin Muhlen, commissioner of the exposition and will be followed by a drink.

Celebration Factory by Filip Markiewicz is the product of a Europe in transformation and marked by deep crises, but also an artistic response to this new socio-political paradigm. Party and celebration become the vehicles of awareness, a questioning of the system that surrounds us or a resistance to the reign of fear.

Filip Markiewicz' artistic project does not intend to denounce the system or develop a form of political activism, but rather proposes an almost surrealist language that brings together various modes of expression: visual arts, performance, music, debate, celebration. Celebration Factoryaims to find a fluid and artistic language in accordance with our society in perpetual motion.
Luxemburger of Polish origin, Filip Markiewicz (b. 1980) is a multidisciplinary artist expressing himself through, a.o., drawing, video and installations thereby creating a coherent visual body of work using diversified media.
He represented the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg at the Biennale of Venice in 2015.
Commissioners of the exposition : Catherine Hemelryk, Kevin Muhlen.
Exposition open until 09.12.2018. 
Mélanie de Jamblinne et Joana Weitzel will welcome the Young Friends of Museums for this first Arty Hours.

Photo : Celebration Garage, 2018 / Vidéo 4K, 18' (image vidéo) © Filip Markiewicz – Courtesy Aeroplastics Gallery Bruxellesration Garage, 2018. Vidéo 4K, 18’ (image vidéo) © Filip M